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Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour (BSc)

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Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour (BSc)
I am in 1st year at mac and some what interested in neuroscience and behaviour program at mac. In order to get into this prog you need to get at least a b- in psych 1X03 (something I haven't maintained). I was just wondering, is this program heavily involved with psychology? I am interested in the biology of the brain, not so much in psychology. If it isn't, I might consider taking psych 1x03 again in summer.

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Psychology is in the program name so one would assume it deals heavily with the subject in question.
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PNB involves the 3 core aspects of psychology, that is psychology, neuroscience & behaviour. In 2nd year, we take Cognition & Perception (PNB 2XA3), Neuroscience (PNB 2XB3) and Animal Behaviour (PNB 2XC3) to gain an integrative understanding of the discipline. In answer to your question, yes, after 2nd year it's possible to go on and take courses mostly in neuroscience if that's what you're interested in.

Of course, there are other possible paths, like cognition & perception, evolution, animal behaviour, mental health, clinical psychology, origins, music cognition, etc, so don't discount your options just yet. 1X03 is only a part of the picture, and even 1X03+1XX3 is not a complete picture of the entire discipline.

Make sure to meet the pre-requisites though, because it's a limited enrolment program.

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You should do a little bit of research in terms of looking at what the mandatory courses are, and what courses you want to take.

I would take a look at these. You're probably most interested in the first one, so take a look at the program requirements for level II and above. ca/psychology/undergraduate/302-pnb-programs-effective-as-of-september-2011-entry.html

You'll notice (as Ooburii said) that the mandatory courses include a cognition course, a neuroscience course, and an animal behaviour course. The others are just complementary courses that are meant to give you a good subset of skills to take with you throughout the rest of your academic career.

For level III and IV, you have quite a bit of freedom in terms of fulfilling your requirements. Take a look at the 3rd and 4th year courses, and see if any of those interest you enough to go into PNB. Here's the link to the courses. /calendar/2011-12/pg2305.html

In terms of the future of the program, I was in psych before they had the whole PNB separation. I took one of the second year PNB courses and was able to see how it was organized compared to previous years. In my opinion, I believe the changes were a good thing for PNB students. The program is much more organized that it used to be, and you actually get to know the people in your cohort since you're taking many of the same classes together (at least for second year). There is a lot more structure in it too, and way more guidance than we were ever given.

Bottom line for any program that you're thinking of choosing, take a look at the program requirements and see what courses that fill those requirements might interest you.
Good luck making your decision!

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The program does involve Psychology, since it is PNB, but in second year you can choose courses that primarily focus on neuroscience and use that as a major. And if you haven't maintained the average then simply retake the course during summer school, but the only problem is that you may not be enrolled since the program has limited enrollment spaces.
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Hello to everyone!
I'm relatively new on this website to so bear with me if im doing something wrong haha. But on a side note im actually also in the exact same boat as Need2knowme. I was interested in psychology but primarily the neuroscience aspect of it. I have 2 questions just like need2knowme had.
1. I got a c+ in the x03 psychology but the requirements say b-, should I retake psych 1x03 in the summer or do you guys think its possible to get accepted with that mark. I have a relatively high average.
2. Is there a bright future for students with this degree?

Thanks for your time!!

Haha i feel like im definitely doing something wrong with this post but oh well

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