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Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour (BSc)

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Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour (BSc)
Hi I'm an incoming student to Mac and I applied for the PNB program. I know this is something that I need to apply for in second year, and that it needs physics. However, is it alright if I just take the 1LS3 rather than the 1B03 even though it's recommended? Thanks!
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So from what I see here, if you're applying to Life Science in the fall, then you will not have to take 1b03 physics!

The minimum that you have to take although, is Physics 1L03 which is not as hard as 1b03 (I took both, and my 1b03 mark is much lower than my 1l03 mark).

All in all, just finish life sci, and you can get into the PNB program given that your GPA is 9.5+ once you're done first year!

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!

Best of luck.

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Keep in mind though that some upper year courses such as Bio 2A03 require 1B03. You may want to take a look at the undergraduate course calender to identify if there are any such courses that you are interested in taking or that you need as pre-reqs for other upper year courses. This'll save you the trouble of having to take 1B03 later even though you already took 1L03.

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