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Question on Horizons

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Question on Horizons
Have anyone been to Horizons?
Was it helpful for adopting in September?
Any comments?..
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I went last year and had an amazing time. It's really fun and you'll meet amazing people! I strongly recommend you to go.

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I was never went to horizons as a delegate, I only went as a staff member and I regretted not going. In my first year, I came to McMaster not knowing anyone, I lived in residence and became friends with my roommate quickly. Throughout welcome week we stuck together like glue, and although we met hundreds of new people, we really made no friends that stuck. A month or so into the school year I wanted to be a maroon, so I went and got my maroon suit and started painting. I met a couple of people who were also painting and we got talking. What surprised me most was that they all lived in different residences, were in different faculties but all had gone to Horizons and that's how they became friends. I was slightly jealous. One of the friends I made later on in the year was also a part of Horizons, and it felt like every time we walked across campus she'd know everyone.
I decided to be a staff member at Horizons to see what was so special about this conference and why people loved it so much and I fell in love (with the conference). It's a perfect balance of fun and serious and definitely introduces you to McMaster.
In my 2nd and 3rd year I was a community advisor, and my 4th as a rep and noticed a big trend where people that went to horizons seemed a lot more comfortable and adjusted than people who didn't.

I am very lucky to by a planner this year and I can tell you that what you will get from horizons is priceless. You'll meet students (all years) in your residence and your faculty, you'll get a tour of the residence building you're living in (don't worry we have something for SOCS too). You do these amazing sessions where you learn a lot about yourself and grow. By the end of the conference you'll be super excited to come back to Mac in September and be a step ahead of everyone else.

Now I know the cost of Horizons may be an issue, but think about all you get: Residence, all your meals, conference T-shirt, advice from upper year students etc.

I've also pasted below what the co-ordinator wrote about Horizons:

I'm sure you all have received a brochure regarding HORIZONS LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE already - if you are still contemplating whether or not to attend (August 3-5), let me tell you why you should come:

1. You get to meet fellow classmates before September (who doesn't love having extra friends to share Welcome Week with?)
2. You will get introduced to campus before you move in
3. You will meet amazing upper year students (many 1st year delegates keep in touch with their Horizons leaders as its always great to have this connections to get advice/answers to your questions)
4. You will develop countless skills that will enhance your McMaster experience
5. Fun is practically guaranteed!

If you have any questions regarding the conference, check out our website (! Also, you can email [email protected] .ca if you have more specific questions.

Even though the conference is quickly approaching, there is still time register! Register today - you do not want to miss out on this AMAZING opportunity!

See you at Horizons!

anniebananie says thanks to Cristina_n13 for this post.

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