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Reinstatement Letter

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Reinstatement Letter
I know it's rather last minute, but if anyone is awake and willing to read over my reinstatement letter it would be greatly appreciated. If not, that's all right.

Dear Reinstatement Committee,

I am writing this letter in the hopes of gaining reinstatement into the Faculty of Humanities for the 2013-2014 academic year. In May 2012, I was informed that I would not be allowed to continue my studies. I have spent the last year reflecting on my performance at McMaster and how I could improve myself so that I could work towards my degree.

When I started at McMaster, I had every intention of working hard and obtaining a degree in four years. I was unaware at that time that this was impossible to achieve on my own. While attending university my anxiety increased so severely that it affected my studies. However, by the time I realized this, it was already too late for me to succeed. I feared to attend classes as the anxiety made me feel nauseous and faint, which resulted in my lack of attendance. My exams had also suffered as I would feel too anxious to sit more than the compulsory time and I would not be able to give my full attention to my performance. As I did not have these problems at such an intense level in high school, I did not know how to handle them. However, now that I am aware that these are problems for me I have sought individual counseling through my family physician. Also, if I am reinstated I plan to work closely with the Centre for Student Development and the Student Wellness Centre.

During my year off, I attended the Journalism program at Sheridan College. I had thought that I would be more successful with a more structured format and a career-oriented education. I chose journalism as my interests lie in writing. As my transcript will indicate, I quickly discovered that this was not the place for me. Unlike with university, the material was not engaging and I found I had no desire to make this a career. I kept two classes with the intent of gaining some credit, however I should have withdrawn completely as my lack of enthusiasm compromised my attendance and subsequent performance.

I do not think that going to college was a waste of my time as it has finally brought me to the conclusion that I belong in university. Despite my fears and anxiety that prevented me from performing at my best, I always enjoyed learning in a university environment. I feel that this year away from McMaster has taught me to appreciate what I had and has matured me enough to seek help from the resources available, which I was unwilling to do previously.

Thank you for considering me for reinstatement and I hope you will give me a second chance. I believe I will be able to perform to the best of my ability upon return and achieve my goals of earning a university degree.


Thanks guys!
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I'll begin by telling you that it's very well worded, and you really do seem sincere about working much harder after your reinstatement. However, I would take out the whole part about Sheridan. I know you want them to know that you haven't been wasting your time, but on the other hand, the fact that you couldn't stay long enough in the program shows lack of stability (and sort of makes you sound like a quitter; like you give up easily - even though I know it's just because you didn't like what you were studying, but to them, it may come off like a bad excuse) . Also, you mentioned that you didn't like journalism, which is a program that has very much to do with writing, just like the Humanities program at McMaster. If you didn't like one, what can you say to make them believe that you'd be interested in the other program? (If you do decide to leave in the part about college, perhaps mention what you intend to major in and why you would choose this over journalism)

Good luck with everything.
I really do hope you get a second chance.
...And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)

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I didn't want to include it, but you have to. It says right on the form to state all institutions you've attended. And when I went in to ask about some stuff, they said I needed to provide a transcript.

But, I will include more about how History is different.
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Originally Posted by Ziggi View Post

I didn't want to include it, but you have to. It says right on the form to state all institutions you've attended. And when I went in to ask about some stuff, they said I needed to provide a transcript.

But, I will include more about how History is different.
I agree with the other correspondent that your letter is well written. Therefore, it is satisfactory on that count.

You have identified a factor in your previous round that contributed to lack of success, and you have done the two things required: to do something about it (seeing a doctor, although that could be strengthened a bit with identifying specific counselling initiated) and an indication that this round will turn out better (your intent to use the services at Mac. Again, mention of an exploratory inquiry or initial contact completed would sound stronger.)

It would have been useful to indicate that the past year has been used productively. Registration in a different educational institution was a good move, and it would have useful to be able to provide at least some successful result, like a few passed courses, even on a part-time load. I would predict that this matter would be the turning point if your reinstatement application is not successful.

The other correspondent also referred to the similarities in the expected tasks and skills, i.e., writing ability. Journalism was a good choice for that reason. So is History. Possibly a sentence or two could be added to reinforce the fact that you have strength in that area?

One small point: In your original draft, you used the words "...I feared to attend..." "I was afraid to attend..." would be more natural.

Good luck! Many years ago, I got back in with less proof to offer. But times were different then.
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get rid of " However, by the time I realized this, it was already too late for me to succeed". This makes it look you gave up. If you gave up one time than there is nothing suggesting that you won't give up again if problems arise again. You didn't include anything about getting help for your anxiety and how you deal with it and how you will deal with it if it arises again. Talk about how you will not let this happen again and let them know of any circumstances that would have lead to this anxiety and suggest to them that it was beyond your control.The committee members are human and understand but they are there to assess whether you can withstand the rigours of university and will make their decisions accordingly. Good Luck

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