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Study Spots on Campus.....

Old 08-13-2010 at 10:49 AM   #1
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Study Spots on Campus.....
My friend that goes to mac told me it can be super difficult to find quiet study spots on campus during the day.... is this true? I'm a commuter and my schedule is pretty spaced out, so i'm gonna have tons of time ... are there any spots you suggest?
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is there a way u can change ur timetable to have less free time .. ?

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There are 3 and a half libraries on campus.

You could also go to the third floor of the student center (or second, if you don't mind some noise travelling from the first floor)
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i keep signing on to mugsi.... but everytime i check, the core and tutorial classes i need to make my schedule better are full
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There are lots of places to study, although some of them you might not be able to plug in your computer. Mills library has a lot of floors and I would often study there, as well as there are study areas in the libraries. Sometimes empty classrooms can work (although you may get kicked out by a class). This works best at night. MDCL has a lot of classrooms that are usually unlocked and not always occupied. If you know someone living in residence, you could go there to study with them.
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my favorite places are basement of thode (hardly any plugs tho, btw), 4th floor mills is also really quiet (also very few plugs tho), but HEALTH SCI LIBRARY is the best. quiet study cubbies with a plug at every cubby. avoid mills 1st 2nd and 3rd floors if your looking for silence tho (3rd floor is group study rooms anyway).
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A great place to study is in the forest area right behind the north quad residences. It's called Cootes Paradise, and there are nice hiking trails leading down to the water, with great places explore and sit down to read, take notes, or use your laptop. Check out the new nature club on campus, Cootes Paradise Club, this welcome week during ClubsFest! I am the president and we are planning lots of hikes and activities to get students oriented with the amazing forest we have right attached to campus!

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wow, thanks !!! go to know there are some places i can go during my long breaks!
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Take the upper and lower floors of various buildings for your own usage; theres ALWAYS free space. The popular and easily accessible study spots are noisy and crowded, if thats what your friend meant..

I prefer to study outside, which is hardly used by people to be honest.
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To go thode basement or 2nd floor. Always seats and extremely quiet
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You could also just use an empty lecture hall for those 1 hour breaks.
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Yeah, there's so many study spaces, you just have to know how to look and not limit yourself to libraries. Even in the libraries there's little nooks that not many people know about or go to. Empty classrooms are great too, I usually go to MDCL, KTH or TSH for that.

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