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Credit Card Question

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Originally Posted by lawleypop View Post
Dunno. Alls I know is that if I ever put in a cheque I got from Tim Hortons/any other job I worked and it got lost, that woulda been a whole paycheck I lost 'cause all my managers have been douchebags on major powertrips.

I just don't trust it.

Kinda like how my grandma sent me 20 pounds from England but some postal worker opened my mail and stole it. (Seriously).
You don't have to worry about cheques in the ATMs, just cash. Cheques have your name on them and are completely traceable, so it won't get lost. Cash on the other hand is easy to lose in a machine. I've had it happen to me twice, with 2 different banks, so I don't do that anymore.
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Originally Posted by lawleypop View Post
Online payment for a cheque or for my credit card? If it's for my CC, then yea, that was the plan. I'm all about online banking.

Oh ok. Sorry about that. Must have skimmed through the thread too fast.

Maybe you can get your boss to start an automated EFT paycheque deposit. Most workplaces have that implemented now.
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Originally Posted by myster View Post
Oh ok. Sorry about that. Must have skimmed through the thread too fast.

Maybe you can get your boss to start an automated EFT paycheque deposit. Most workplaces have that implemented now.
I don't work anymore.

I gave my workplace the info for direct deposit, and somehow they managed to screw it up. I figured it wasn't worth trying to fix it since I wasn't planning on being there for more than 2 months. XD

Mathematically it makes about as much sense as
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For the longest time I didn't trust depositing cheques in an atm either. Always felt like if it somehow got lost i'd have no way to prove that i'd actually made the deposit. But it seems to be pretty safe, and I use it most of the time now... the only bad thing is you can't actually use the money you deposit until the amount has been verified (which can take about a week sometimes). When you make a deposit at the teller, that money is available instantly.

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