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Does Anemica affect your Work Performance?

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Does Anemica affect your Work Performance?
I'm Iron deficient anemic myself but I know that it's pretty common for women/girls especially to have anemia.

I wanted to discuss the effects of Anemia on work performance?
Personally I feel like it does have some negative effects on me, I get tired a lot even when I do nothing, I have to catch my breath after a few steps of stairs, I have troubles focusing etc.

If you have anemia or know anything about it, discuss
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I just wanted to share my experience with Anemia. So I kind of became anemic when I started to skip lunch at school because I was too lazy to make one for myself and barely had a balance diet, mostly carbs and no meat or protein/iron sources.

It took almost a year and a half for me to fully realize something was wrong, I mostly realized when I my hair started to thin out and I still haven't been able to fully recover from it yet! I have almost 1/2 of the volume I used to with persistent shedding. I also always felt tired, no energy, no motivation to do anything. It would be really hard for me to focus and studying became a difficult task. Everyone around me thought I was being a lazy bum and didn't want to contribute to anything and blah blah but I just felt soo down- didn't know why. AND OMG I JUST REMEMBERED THAT GYM WAS A HASSLE! Had a difficult time engaging in physical activity, would burn out in minutes.

Eventually I went to the doctor who told me I was anemic and got me started on iron supplements, which helped me bring levels up to a safe range but not optimal range. Took me almost 3 years but that was because I was taking them wrong. With the supplements I took, I had to avoid milk or caffeine products 3 hours before and after ( which kinda sucks) and it's better absorbed if you take vit c or orange juice with it.

After about 3 months, I started feeling better, more energetic, and was able to focus better. It's recommended that you also try to get iron through your diet as well- red meats are high in iron, so if you aren't a vegetarian, this may be an option. That's all i could remember off the top of my head but you can always message me if you have any questions.

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