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how does centro green bin work?

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how does centro green bin work?
Im confused as to how the green bin system works
I know that its a one time fee of 5 dollar and I have to bring it back but where do i give my used green bin and how do they know when i get it again i already paid for it
its kind of annoying they are charging us extra 25 cents for take out when they already raised up to prices for the foods
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You keep re-using the same green bin that you bought.
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What is this green bin program?
Old 09-04-2012 at 02:09 PM   #4
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This Green Bin program (don't know the official name) was piloted last year by Bistro and since I went there often to get takeout, I thought it was a great way to save on containers when doing takeout. With the one time $5 fee, you get a card for which you can show (when you order) to request the green bin.

At Bistro you do not reuse the same bin you get, instead when you arrive to order, you simply bring back the one you used last time and you'll get a new one with your meal. If you so desire, you can return the bin early and get a card, which represents you've paid that $5 for the bin for the rest of the year. That's what happens at the end of the year when you leave mac; you return the bin for the card. I imagine it would be similar at Centro:

So my guess is that your used green bin will be returned to wherever you are ordering from, thus then entitling you to another for your next meal or you'll just get the card.

In my opinion, I am glad I am seeing green initiatives like this at mac. It's a simple thing to do. Heck, it would be easier if people brought in their own containers for their takeout. The 25 cents you are subjected to when order taking that isn't in a green bin provides incentive for you to get one and it would probably reduce a ton of waste in the long run.

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So do you wash your bin before returning?
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You don't have to wash the bin as they will do it anyways, but they do ask that you empty out the container of all food scraps before returning it.
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So how do they recup the cost of washing it throughout the year? $5 seems a bit low doesn't it?
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Exactly, keep it green
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does anyone know where to return the green bin at centro and get the card?
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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
So how do they recup the cost of washing it throughout the year? $5 seems a bit low doesn't it?
Yeah it does actually... maybe its a green incentive and is subsidized somehow?

Keep in mind that it would cut down a lot on garbage, having to inventory disposable containers, deal with extra cleaning, so its not entirely without monetary merit in their case.

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