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How easy is it to make new friends?

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How easy is it to make new friends?
This may seem a bit of a stupid question but it does cross our minds at a certain point.
I'll be joining Mac Engineering in september and this is the greatest concern in my mind!
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Eternal Fire
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Pretty easy if you put yourself out there.
Unless you're in your room studying all the time, it's not hard to meet new people.

It helps a lot if you join some clubs.

micadjems says thanks to Eternal Fire for this post.

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Originally Posted by Eternal Fire View Post
It helps a lot if you join some clubs.
Especially the clubs on hess street

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It's as easy as saying hello :D

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It's really easy to make friends!! Especially if you live in res. I found it to be harder to make friends in class but you have tutorials and labs which are better than a class of 300.
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Originally Posted by Eternal Fire View Post
Pretty easy if you put yourself out there.
Unless you're in your room studying all the time, it's not hard to meet new people.

It helps a lot if you join some clubs.
You're also bound to go to class, tutorials and labs which are good places to meet people as well.
Jeremy Han
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Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University Third Year - Doctor of Optometry
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If you're a shy person, then its as hard as its been all your life.
But if you're even somewhat outgoing, then you'll have no problems. Just be friendly.
Its not like all the other first years are bloodsucking undead vampire zombies....unfortunat ely
Kevin Yin
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Oh you'll have no trouble in Mac Eng. They're all close (it's a necessity when getting boned by assignments)
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Definitely easy! I found everyone at mac to be super friendly and approachable too. Plus, with all the annoying assignments you'll be getting in eng next year, you'll definitely develop a sort of bond with other eng kids. No doubt.

Just remember that you're not the only one with this on your mind, because every frosh is new to mac and hoping to make a couple friends too. Also, if you're going to welcome week, that'll definitely help reduce that nervousness, and help you feel more comfortable by the time school actually starts. Don't sweat it, you'll be fine!

And like someone mentioned before, if you're living on rez in first year, you'll be able to make a tonne of friends in no time!
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It's as easy/hard as it always has been for you. Just try and put yourself out there (that is what I'm going to do).
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The Welcome Wagon
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I found making friends easy on my first year. I was able to make friends in every class I've taken at school. This is essentially helpful when you are studying for a certain class that you have a friend to turn to who is taking the same class. It is also good making friends when you have certain group work to do in class (For example Geography class).

As long as you are friendly and not be shy to say hello then making friend should be easy. It makes university life more livelier that way.
Bachelor of Arts Geography
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I think it's easy to make friends, especially since that's pretty much what everyone is looking to do. Plus there are so many people! So say "hello" to people and if it gets you anywhere, GREAT, and if it doesn't, there are plenty more people.

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Originally Posted by lux View Post
Oh you'll have no trouble in Mac Eng. They're all close (it's a necessity when getting boned by assignments)
Gotta agree there. All the engineering friends I have are pretty bro-mantic with eachother.

If you're in residence, your floor (most of it, anyway) will become like family by the end of the year!
Honours Molecular Biology & Genetics Co-op 2014
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The transition to a huge university can be intimidating but if you just take a risk and put yourself out there, you're bound to make a ton of friends!

1-Go to as MANY frosh week events as you can!
2-Get to know all your neighbours! Especially if you're in residence!
3- Join a club!
4- Talk to anyone sitting beside you, in lecture or tutorial or labs, etc. If you're both sitting alone, why not strike up a conversation and make a new friend all at once, especially during that first week or two of class.

Especially with Eng, everyone I know have a ton of friends, so don't worry!
Mary Keyes CA 2013-2014
Hons. Biology and Pharmacology V
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The Awkward One
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sex and alcohol

but in all serious, go to welcome week, if you're living in res it will be a breeze, going out of your room and just hanging in the common room will be an easy way to make friends. you'll probably meet friends in your program too, you just need to say 'hello.' and if all else fails, you can refer to the above :|

James CW
McMaster University-Bachelor's of Social Work and Bachelor's of Arts in Sociology (2012)
York University-Masters of Social Work (2014-2015)

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