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extra charges?

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extra charges?

i checked my account statement today and it says :
2008-10-31SOCIAL SCIENCES-CANC 6.0 CAN $424.29

does anyone know what this charge is for?
i dropped a course, could that be it? i dropped it on November 2nd could that be it?

please help!!
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I'm pretty sure thats a $430 credit.
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that's probably it.

usually on your account statement on mugsi/solar, the amount will show -424.29, which means a part of your tuition was credited back to you (whatever percentage of the original amount you paid is refunded). Usually an amount as large as that is not a supplementary fee.

As always, make sure by contacting Student Accounts & Cashiers.
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You are charged a certain percentage of the tunition money you already paid but you won't get extra charges upon that (you don't have to pay more).
On the web site, it says that if you cancel a course between Oct 28~Nov 6, you'll be charged 90%, meaning you'd only get 10% of the tuition fee back.
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it's money since you dropped the course.

If you dropped a 3 unit course, you wouldn't get much money back since the term is almost over.
But since you dropped a 6 unit course which runs for 2 terms, you got back a little over 50% of what you paid for it.
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But it doesnt say - $424 so i doubt its a credit and it was added to my balance.
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Then just go talk to one of the people at Student Accounts and Cashiers, they will tell you everything you need to know.

Considering the fact that you dropped the course so late, I'm hesitant to say that the 424 is from the course. I think it would be less than that. If that's the case then you've either been charging something to your student account or you didn't pay off something at the beginning of the year. Just go talk to someone at Cashiers.
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