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Failing multiple required courses 1st Sem

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Failing multiple required courses 1st Sem
Hi, i am a 1st year commerce student and after receiving my final marks for first semester I received two failing grades in Accounting and Calculus. I am worried about what will happen next? Will i be kicked out of McMaster for failing multiple prerequisite courses? Or what kind of options do i have moving forward? Can i still continue through semester two and then re take those failed courses in the summer and still move on to 2nd year commerce?
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RIP in Peace
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Unfortunately, you aren't able to move on to 2nd-year commerce. I was in commerce in 1st year and failed accounting and calculus too so yeah, I also have been in your situation. You can't retake any courses you failed in the summer, according to my past academic advisor from Degroote faculty. Also, there is no way you can get into 2nd-year commerce since you've already failed 2 required courses. What you can do is transferring to a different program. Most of the 1st year commerce students go into Economics and that's also what I did. You should go talk to one of the academic advisors for more help. The last important thing, do well in the next semester. Did you do well in the other 3 courses?

I feel you man. I've gone through this too. I believe you will do well. Happy new year and good luck!
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Originally Posted by hjh0982 View Post
You can't retake any courses you failed in the summer, according to my past academic advisor from Degroote faculty. Also, there is no way you can get into 2nd-year commerce since you've already failed 2 required courses. What you can do is transferring to a different program.
According to the undergraduate calendar, for students entering Business I in September 2016, they seemed to have removed the requirement of needing to pass all your courses on the first attempt to move on.

So I think you should be able to retake those courses in the summer. But definitely see an academic advisor to double check.
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Even if you were able to re-take the courses, I would strongly consider a different program. The likelihood of suddenly becoming highly proficient in the areas you failed is low. While it doesn't have the same consequences, passing with low grades (pretty much anything below a C/5, one might even suggest C+/6), can be a glaring indicator that you will struggle with higher-level material. University courses generally assume knowledge and mastery of prior material, so little review is done (if any). This can be one of the most jarring transitions to university from high school.

How did you study for those courses? Did you work the assigned and/or recommended problems and if so, how did you perform on them? Did you only do work that you knew would be graded? Did you use unauthorized aids (you won't have WolframAlpha on your calculus exam, for example)? I would speak to a teaching assistant, or maybe even a professor (during office hours, or by appointment) about study habits and helping to identify if you didn't work smartly, or if the material is just beyond your grasp (no shame in the latter, btw - if that's the case, you aren't "stupid/dumb/etc"). Depending on those outcomes, I would them speak to an academic advisor about options either in or out of the faculty. Seeing that your struggles appear to be in mathematics-based courses, I imagine economics (I'm a 3rd year econ student currently) is likely not a fit.

Were there any electives that you did particularly well in? Perhaps consider continuing with those.
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Sorry to hear you didn't get the grades you were expecting, Liam!

I recommend seeing an Academic Advisor. They are very helpful, especially for situations like this. They have access to your grades and student file, so they can see exactly what situation you're in and be able to give you indepth advice.

Academic Advisors for business:
Lori Hill
Lori Johnston
Barb Pegg
Angela Fortino

To make an appointment with an academic advisor, book using OSCARplus or call 905-525-9140 ext. 24433.

Office hours are:
Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

They also have a drop-off box outside their office door for after hours drop offs.

http://ug.degroote.mcmaster. ca/contact/
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The only way someone who failed first year math survives economics is if they go for the 3 year BA.

2GG3 with Jefferson will be too difficult, and 3U03 econometrics will be too difficult. And 3G03, 4TT3 and 4T03 will make you cry.

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