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I'm moving in tomorrow..... will the reps lose my stuff?

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I'm moving in tomorrow..... will the reps lose my stuff?
I don't want them to lose my stuff... I labeled in big fat writing...

Does it happen often? That reps lose our stuff??? I have thousands of dollars of worth of stuff in these bags.
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Nah, we usually just tell people that, but actually we take it home for ourselves.
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Mark the bags with 'dollar signs' so they won't lose them.
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You're bringing thousands of dollars of stuff into a res house? Like what exactly are in these bags you speak of?
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Originally Posted by Nickloy View Post
You're bringing thousands of dollars of stuff into a res house? Like what exactly are in these bags you speak of?

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As long as you put your name and room number no. As they move it you will be in the lobby waiting/in your room moving in too. Just make sure you count the things you bring in (boxes and large objects) and ensure the same number reaches your room. There could be the off chance it gets forgotten downstairs (there is only that many elevators)
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Nope, they understand how important it is to you and you can be there throughout the entire process. A lot of the reps are very high energy and excited, and may seem daunting at first, but they care very much about you have a great res experience and will do everything in their power to make sure you do. Losing your stuff wouldn't fit well into that equation.

Emma Ali
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make sure you label every box/bag with your name and room number. most importantly, make sure the label doesn't fall off. just don't overload your boxes when it's not covered, because if your stuff falls out, there's no way of knowing who's it is when moving things in. generally, losing bags/boxes doesn't happen.

if something doesn't get back to you by the end of the move-in process, you might want to talk to one of the reps or CAs and ask them where the lost and found is. things that end up there are things that don't have a label, or things you're not supposed to have (like a water boiler, microwave, etc.)
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Bring the high value items up yourself, or bring them in after the official move in day.
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I only knew of one person who "lost" something...this was when we were allowed to bring our own fridges, and hers got brought to a different room by mistake. A team of three reps immediately dropped everything they were doing and searched the building until they found it. After three years of residence, that's the only time I heard of anything getting lost.
All the same, I would bring up your laptop yourself, or send one of the people helping you move in to go to the door of your room while you get your keys just to keep an eye on your stuff (it will sit outside your room until you get the key to open your door).

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