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kicked out in my last year

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kicked out in my last year

So I just completed my fourth year Commerce year and planned to do an extra year. I have 4 electives and 3rd year finance to go....and now 2nd year econ as well.

I failed 2nd year finance, and retook and passed in my third year. I failed 3rd year finance and still have to take it. I didn't take econ, so I took it this year and failed. My admission says I may not continue, but has anyone ever been in the same situation?

RECAP (tl:dr)
Have only 4 electives, 3rd year finance and 2nd year econ to do. Failed 2nd year finance, but passed it. Didnt pass 3rd year finance and just failed 2nd year econ....However, I have finished all my other required courses in the program.
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Hey I haven't been in the same situation, but I am also in Commerce. I know there is a limit on the maximum amount of required courses that you can fail. I don't know the actual number though. This could be why you re being kicked out. Your best option is to talk to the APO, specifically Lori Hill
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Ouch. I'm not in commerce, but I do know that commerce is fairly strict about its requirements and would likely not make a distinction between a first year and a fourth year who failed more than the required amount of courses.

I knew someone who was booted in third year and had to spend her fourth year doing another program to get her grades up high enough to apply to readmission to commerce, and then spend a fifth year finishing her final year commerce requirements. You may need to do something similar --- reenter another program for a year (economics maybe?), get your grades up high enough to show improvement and then reapply to finish that last finance course you need/get your commerce degree. I feel like they'd probably be pretty lenient since you'd have almost all the requirements. If you plan right you may also be able to tack a non-honours econ degree onto your commerce, since you'd already have some of the requirements.
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That's what I was thinking too.

I made this post, waiting on the APO office to contact me back.

I was thinking of just entering a social science program so I can finish all of my electives, and even do 3rd year finance, as they have limited space for those students in 3rd and 4th year [I somehow was able to register for classes even with a deferred exam, which you are not supposed to be able too]. Then come back, show a huge improvement in my grades and do econ 2x03...which sucks, to come back for one class but that's my own fault.

Do you know what the deadline is to go into another program? I have been looking up internal transfers and cannot find it anywhere!
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Originally Posted by Lawstudent View Post
You went into the wrong program if you've failed multiple courses.
I don't think anyone appreciates your criticism, as it adds zero value to helping OP.

And oh, why did you delete your studentawards account? Please go take your nonsense back to that website.

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