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Reinstated !! what now ?

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Reinstated !! what now ?
Hey all !!
I just opened my Solar and found out that i got reinstated (yuhu!)
Can you guys please advice me about Osap ... like can i apply for it now and if i can then when will i get it approx. ?
Also i would like to thank everyone here soo soo much for helping me out and specially to "Kudos" "mc_kumar" and "starfish" . I owe you guys =)

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Yea those guys are helpful, especially starfish. You'll want to apply to OSAP through here,
Fill out the form quickly, I think you have a few days left to get your OSAP ready before September 5th. If you miss that date you may not get your OSAP funding by September 5th. Anyway, just make sure you honestly fill out the forms, there is a signature that allows them to contact some financial firms and dig up all kinds of information about you. So you will want to be honest to avoid trouble later. At the end of the you will need to print out I think 7 pages of forums, just sign them, I think like two or three of those pages will go to McMaster, the rest go to a Canada Post Office, you will be able to tell which ones are which in the instructions.

Hope that helps,
All the best.

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Congratulations on reinstatement! I'm glad to hear it

The deadline to get your funds by the time school starts was July 15 (, but if you're a full-time student you have until 60 days before the end of your study period to apply for OSAP - you just won't get the money before September. The sooner you apply, though, the sooner you'll get the money
The SFAS website that I linked to outlines the process pretty well. If you have any situation-specific questions, you can always call them.

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Congrats!! Have a great year
Hon. BA Economics '14... graduated, yo!
MA Economic Policy '16
Statistics Canada

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Hey kakarot,

Congratulations, Im so glad that I could help you out with my advice.

Good luck!

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