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welcome week question

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welcome week question
hi, out of my friends i know who are going to mac, none bought a macpass, but i i will be by myself during welcome week. was this a bad idea on my part? i mean i know ill probably meet new people but im just going to be walking around everywhere alone..many students already attending mac highly stressed that welcome week is alot of fun and all first years should go so could someone give me thier opinion of my choice:S

thank you
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The whole point of WW is to meet new people so in all honesty this might push you to be more outgoing and end up being a good thing. Just my 2 cents.
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I agree with the post above but also just because your friends didn't buy a macpass doesn't mean they can't attend WW. There are a bunch of free events run during WW as well.

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Originally Posted by yaroslav64 View Post
The whole point of WW is to meet new people so in all honesty this might push you to be more outgoing and end up being a good thing. Just my 2 cents.

ok thanks, im pretty outgoing so im not to concerned as much now
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People who go into things on their own, I find to be the most approachable. I went out of my way to seaparate myself from high school friends so I could meet new people and in a sense re-invent myself. Deep I know =P

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I'm a first year too and i dont know anybody there .. its okay we'll have fun im sure
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i only know like 2 people in my faculty and a ton in others but i'm super outgoing so i'm not too worried
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University is a waaaaay bigger pool of people for (I assume) everyone coming out of high school. Sure, you make awesome friends in high school, but you meet so many more people here that you're bound to find even more awesome people.

It's not to say you're gonna ditch your high school friends or anything though, but they certainly aren't the only ones you're going to talk to here over your 4 years. :p

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I am pretty introverted so during Welcome Week I kinda did end up walking around in circles until some time at night when the Humanities leaders were doing a limbo contest. I jumped in and had lots of fun.
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hey you will be fine! you can actually still walk around with you friends and when it comes time for the activities no one really knows anyone and you will be put into groups. its a great way to make friends!

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