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2nd Year Business Electives

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Originally Posted by tiger View Post
What I don't understand is the need for some people to be rude and get all hyped up over a question.
Mostly it's because the same questions get asked over an over again. What are some bird courses? What are courses with minimum writing? etc...

Minimum writing is slightly more understandable, but there are so many courses that require very little writing, such as most science and math courses.

Most of the times, if you are asking these questions then you really aren't doing yourself a favour. Choosing courses that other people find easy or that other people enjoy doesn't mean that you'll find them easy or enjoy them. You are just setting yourself up for disappointment and a very frustrating year. Choose courses that interest you because if you aren't interested then you aren't giving it your all.
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Oh wow, look at that... I said the exact same thing.

Mathematically it makes about as much sense as
(pineapple)$$*cucumbe r*.

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Originally Posted by vannasty View Post
I'm good at it, but it takes up all the time that I need for studying other courses. I am also good with photoshop though, so I might look into multimedia. Do you know if its difficult to get a high grade in multimedia?
You're not allowed to take MM 1A03 so you are forced to take 1B03. If you are good with photoshop I don't think it'll be a problem. I'm good with photoshop too, but it's very time consuming also, since there are 3 assignments, 1 final website assignment and pop quizzes. It also depends on how good you are with photoshop. If you are familiar with everything in photoshop it's not hard.
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