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Failed 3 courses in comp science

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Failed 3 courses in comp science
I failed 1ZA3 (calc), 1MD3 (comp sci), and 1B03 (econ) in my first term of 1st year
and passed 2 electives

what should i do?
my timetable is a mess and i could only get an appointment with the councilor on Wednesday

any advice would be helpful
thank you in advance
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What you should do really depends on why you failed three courses.

I'm not sure how comfortable you are disclosing that on a public forum, and it's fine if you don't want to, but you won't get very good advice if people aren't sure what your situation is.


If you failed due to a reason that would be considered acceptable for reinstatement purposes then you're probably fine.

If you failed because you weren't trying, then you need to reevaluate your study habits and interest in your program.

If you failed because you are having a really hard time with the material, see if there are things you can do to help (such as get a tutor), and reconsider whether or not this is the right program for you.
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i think you only need a 4 to stay in comp sci so if you wanna stay in the program you will need to do well 2nd term and take the math you failed in summer (mac offers it) and also take comp sci course in summer probably since i assume math and comp sci are required for 2nd year comp sci. i dont know if mac offers the comp sci so you may need to take it at another school. you can make up the econ you failed anytime in your undergrad.
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I'm in 3rd year comp sci and I can tell you that the best thing you can do right now is get your act together and do well this term. 1FC3 is a very hard course and is used in everything else you do in comp sci. Your math courses don't necessarily apply directly but developing that way of thinking is also important in comp sci.

As far as fixing what you did with your first term: 1ZA3 will run this summer, 1MD3 does too i think, and 1B03 can be redone this summer or you can do something else for that elective.

Thinking ahead to the rest of your university career, if you intend to stay in comp sci and get a degree, your ability to sort yourself out this term will be a huge indicator of how you will handle the rest of your studies. It doesn't get easier... it actually gets way harder. But the good news is if you can pass 1FC3, you can probably pass anything.

As well, like this page ( and post if you need help with anything. There's usually someone willing to help as long as you seem like you're bothering to put in some effort.
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All you need to do is focus on the content and go to classes everyday. One of the main mistakes people do is to take courses for granted for the easiness. Do not take any course for granted and work as hard as u can. Classes are very helpful so try not to skip them unless its really necessary. I am in my final sem of business informatics and i have noticed that going to classes makes it so much easier to understand the content and professor. Its never too late. Try to work on yr second semester classes as hard as possible to get 4.5 gpa or else they may ask you not to continue in the program.
I think talk to sally too. she is gr8 adviser. she has always helped me out a lot. m sure she can help you too. I will advice you to take the course load as much as you can otherwise it will affect your other courses too.

One more advice : econ courses or any commerce courses you r planning to take, take thm in summer. They become so much easier automatically..!!

Good luck..!!
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number one thing you can do is not to let it get you down/worry too much about it. come up with a solid thought out plan and follow through.
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Why did you fail three courses...
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Originally Posted by hilton View Post
Why did you fail three courses...
I'm sure if they wanted to disclose why, they would've done so in their first post.

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