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My course selection rant

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My course selection rant
Is Mac the only school that limits its students to this extent for selecting courses? Feel free to tell me I'm the only one with this problem:

Going into 2nd year honours life sci and a vast majority of the courses I'd like to take are at capacity. Technically they are NOT required by my program, but in some sense they are - How the f*** am I supposed to get into the 3rd year program I want when everything is full? How am I supposed to consider professional schools when I can't even get a seat in the necessary prerequisite courses?

Besides the prereq electives that I've just mentioned, I can't even find a course that interests me in the slightest which isn't bloody taken. And this first come first serve basis bullsh*** with mugsi and solar. It's basically survival of the fastest fucking clicker - Those who manage to get into solar the fastest will have the option of choosing whichever courses their wee hearts desire. Meanwhile, the slower persuasion is stuck with the pits of Macs electives taking courses JUST to make a full course load. I'M PAYING TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FFS to come to this supposedly first class institute and I don't even have the option of completing a minor??????????????

Is there something I'm missing here? Some people tell me I'll manage to get into these courses and that people will drop out. If you believe that to be the case, then disregard everything I just said.

Good day
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Hi, I understand that your mad, but try to email your adviser, and I am sure you will get a spot in, especially if you need it to get in the third year courses you want. Most of the courses I wanted to take were full, and I just emailed my adviser and was able to get a spot in.
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Yeah I agree with you! Which classes are full that you want to take? Some classes are easier to get in to then others I'd say, for example Psych 3CC3 is like full to the max and they aren't being lenient but they opened some spots for Biochem 3G03 before. I know it sucks really bad but as the poster above said email some people and hopefully things will work out and sometimes you'll have to take things in later years or the summer. For example I wanted to take stats last year but I'm taking it this year instead cause it was full.

I agree we should be able to take any course we want and the system should be a lot better!
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Ahh, life...
Old 08-13-2012 at 12:40 PM   #5
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You mean it doesn't get better in the upper years? Damn..
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I completely agree, I've been trying to get into a language course but no matter how many times I log onto solar the course is ALWAYS full.... The fact that we are paying so much money and aren't able to take the courses we want and are stuck with back up options is completely unfair. Especially since I have two courses as placeholders to have a full course load, which are courses that I have no interest in.. they were just the only ones that were open. If I don't get into the courses I want then I'm stuck with courses I don't even care about...

There are probably people wanting the courses I have as placeholders but can't get into them now that they're full and people are maybe using the language course I want as a placeholder, they need a better system or even like a waiting list for courses... this whole situation is beyond irritating

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Agreed! I would love to do a minor in business, but it is first come first serve and I'm having difficulty getting into some of the more popular classes. I am being positive that maybe I'll have a chance next year, but because I am not a business student the department said there was nothing they could do.

How does it work at other schools, is it any better?

I wish someone warned me of this before I came to mac..

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u of t's course selection is terrible as well i have heard as is laurier's those are the ones i have heard about
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I completely agree it stinks we cannot get into any classes. Mac is also the worst for online courses, if they aren't going to have enough in class seating then they should be offering online courses.
My brother is taking part time studies with Laurier and so far he has been able to get all of his selections online. I understand that their are some classes you just cannot offer online but for a lot of courses you can. I'm stuck with a class that I don't really want and I need an english that could be done through online courses or inclass.
Old 08-13-2012
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Originally Posted by Kevinabrahak View Post
this is no bull**** . you guys have brought this upon yourselves. trust me when i say this. About 75 % have got all their prefered courses, its just the lazy, not so interested 25% who keep complaining the entire time instead of really acting it out. Do better at school, you'll definitely have choices open for you. Instead, you choose to go the wrong way, put no effort wattsoever and then keep whining !!

get a life !!
UMMM. How do you know the OP doesnt do good at school? what does that have to do with anything? How did the people above choose to go the wrong way? By choosing a popular program? Or desiring popular electives?

Do you know what anyone here is talking about?
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Old 08-13-2012 at 01:40 PM   #11
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Kevinabrahak, what does doing well in school have to do with anything in this thread? Think a little before you post.
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really sorry was a friend mine posting these comments....i shudn't have even left the computer on the first place.....this sounds really silly , its also probably why he chose to speak about 'school' (he's only in grade 10) !!! I sincerely apologise. :(

I honestly feel like kicking him in the nuts right now so he never does this again !!
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EDIT: I got trolled.
"You can't treat every situation as a life-and-death matter. Cause' you'll die a lot times"

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Originally Posted by Kevinabrahak View Post
really sorry was a friend mine posting these comments....i shudn't have even left the computer on the first place.....this sounds really silly , its also probably why he chose to speak about 'school' (he's only in grade 10) !!! I sincerely apologise. :(

I honestly feel like kicking him in the nuts right now so he never does this again !!
trolls gonna troll

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