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Reinstatement Letter

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Reinstatement Letter
Hi everyone! I am applying for reinstatement, and I was hoping some of you will be able to help me out with my reinstatement letter. I'm open to all criticisms and comments! thank you

Dear Reinstatement Committee,

In May 2017, I was unable to return to McMaster due to poor academic performance. I am writing this letter for the purpose of being reinstated into McMaster University and into the Life Science program, Level I for the fall and winter terms of 2018-2019.

I am extremely hard working, ambitious and a bright student. I performed well in high school and getting into McMaster was an exceptional moment for me, as it is my dream school and I worked extremely hard to get accepted. Once I got to McMaster, I put an unnecessary amount of pressure on myself, and slowly my mental health started to suffer. I had never experienced depression and anxiety before, and I had no idea what the symptoms were. I knew something was wrong, but I convinced myself it was normal. I refused to get help, I let myself go and by my second semester in Level I, I couldnít even motivate myself to be the student I know I am. I was skipping class, not eating, not studying, I would have panic attacks a few times a week, and because of my neglect to take care of myself, my academics suffered greatly. I self-harmed and had a suicide attempt while at McMaster and didnít tell anyone because of my pride. I realize now how childish and unsafe that was of me. By the middle of the second semester, I did not have the proper mental health to succeed in university.

Once I found out that I was not admitted back into McMaster, I hit a low point and realized I was in need of desperate help. My family was supportive of my goal to cure my mental illness and did all they could to help me get through it. I was on medication for my depression; I found outlets for my stress, such as painting, drawing, music, working, exercising, socializing. I felt my mental health taking a turn for the better. I had also enrolled in Chang School at Ryerson University. During my time there, I discovered that I have a sincere passion for forensic psychiatry and neuroscience. My depression had been cured, but I still had severe panic attacks, and I was, and still am, on medication for my anxiety. It has helped tremendously and I know Iím better.

Over the past year, I did part-time school at Ryerson. I took Forensic Science first semester, Psychology this current semester and Anatomy & Physiology, which runs both semesters. I dedicated Monday through Wednesday to school, and I worked part-time Thursday through Sunday. In my off time, I would get ahead in school work, spend time with friends, paint pictures, teach myself new drawing techniques. I feel positive about my routine and how Iíve been helping myself. I learned not to put so much pressure on myself, but rather to understand what I can and canít do and know my limits. I learned how I study, what works best for me, and the benefit of seeking help in all aspects of life. I can pick myself up when I am down, and I am also not afraid to ask for help when doing so. I am back to being the hard working, ambitious, bright student that I knew I was. I know I can succeed at McMaster University.

I was formally a Social Science student at McMaster; I know now that is not what I want to do. My plan, if reinstated, is to pursue Life Science in Level I and then apply into Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour for the remainder of my time at McMaster. I would like nothing more than to graduate from McMaster University.
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Hey there!

PM me and Ill help you out !

Good luck,

Best Wishes,
Honours BSc Life Sciences, 2018

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