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Reinstatement letter help

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Reinstatement letter help
Please help. I failed the first year. After completing the Reinstatement indicator, I need to apply for a new letter. This is a one-page letter explaining what happened and what I did to solve it. I really appreciate any feedback or criticism, thank you very much!

To whom it may concern,

Due to poor academic performance, I had a Result of Session of “May Not Continue at University” in 2014/2015. I admit that I was subjected to very strong learning pressure in the 2014/2015 school year and my performance was thus affected. I didn't mean to make excuses for my poor academic performance, but I wanted to explain the situation.

I think my failure during the University was due to my failure to understand the university’s learning system, the lack of learning experience in Canada, and didn't pay attention to university studies. I am an international student from China. Before coming to MacMaster University and I only had a few years of study at the Secondary School in Canada. I know that once I join MacMaster and become a student, I will make a huge change and I will not continue my relaxed life at high school and Chinese school, but I never knew how bad the university study will and live in this first year. In the first semester I chose French, a foreign language elective subject I had never contacted before. I was naive to think that I could easily learn the French language, so I did not spend my energies to prepare and review the course until the fall semester exam was over and I discovered that I had failed this course. And during the failure course I didn't communicate with the professor or advisor. I personally cancelled the study of this subject, which led me to lose the credits of fall semester and winter semester. Because French is a study of two semesters, this directly led me to lose credit for two courses in total count. Afterwards, I found that this failure is the epitome of my first year of university study: Self-assertion, do not attach too much importance to the intensity of university study, and do not understand the university's learning system. I think I can handle these burdens. I try my best, but I'm wrong.

In the years that I could not continue studying at MacMaster, I went to Mohawk College to complete my college degree. During the college study, I deeply reflected on why I failed in college and I found the answer. I began to seriously prepare for the preparation of the curriculum, review, actively communicate with the professors and participate in the exchange of classmates and began to seriously integrate into the Canadian learning atmosphere. With my own efforts and the help of the people around me, I successfully completed College's degree and maintained the GPA at a certain level. I think that I corrected the mistake I had made at the University and I am ready to continue studying at MacMaster University.

Again, I think that I lacked the importance of university study, failed to understand the internal rules of the university, and lacked the experience of studying in Canada. However, everything was corrected during my study at Mohawk College. I think I have overcome all the above shortcomings. Please understand that my low GPA caused my failure just because I was not ready yet. Studying at Mohawk College has given me enough preparations to return to MacMaster University.

I hope you can give me a second chance.

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