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Study Spots / Hidden places on campus

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hey, it turns out there is a post like that, cool. by the by, does any\one know if university hall is open at night?
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Originally Posted by Chad View Post
Ya, the student centre is ridiculous now. In my first and second year it was pretty tolerable since MUSC was a fairly new building and wasn't established yet as the "hub where everyone goes and does everything and walks through to get anywhere" building. The second and third floors of MUSC are always so busy now that you see 5-6 people sitting in the hallway sprawled on the floor studying. The FLOOR? What have things come to? There's clearly not enough quiet study space.

One of the contributing factors I feel was when the libraries took away their no eating policy. When you couldn't eat in the library I think it filtered out some students and give the image that it was a place to study and not a place to eat lunch. But now that you can eat there, it has become more of a 'hang out, eat, and be noisy and loud' location with the focus less on quiet study and research.

While I love that there are places to hang out and surf the net on your laptop with wireless in comfy seats or couches and do group work, we still need quiet study space, now more than ever with more students at the university each year. Yet, they've just replaced the quiet study with the collaborative loud study setups - meanings there's now less quiet study than there was before. Especially in Thode and Mills.
Very well said!
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well said indeed. fortunately there are still places inside the libraries that are silent as graves. the upper floors of mills come to mind, as does the back back backreading room in the medsci library.
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I tried studying in MDCL late at night before and I had a Mac 5-0 guy come in and tell me to get out because the building closed at 11pm.

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My answer is: good luck. :(

I never find a quiet seat at school. Usually I can't even find ANY seat at school.
I usually resort to empty rooms (lecture or tutorial). Don't even get me started on the lack of outlets at the libraries.. Yikes.

My days tend to be short, and I would love to stay at school and study since I would have so many less distractions. But I can't even find a place to sit and eat my lunch - much less a desk to do my work. :(
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Since my first year (several years ago) the campus has been getting significantly more crowded and there are many reasons for that... Also study spaces have been lost. My favorite silent study area in Mills is some kind of lecture room now that is ALWAYS empty and you can't go study in it. It drives me crazy because I live pretty far away and don't have the option of going home in the day.

You know what would be the sweetest thing ever? If we could rent study corals like you can rent lockers. So those of us who depend on studying on campus have something to go to everyday.

Of course this will never happen.

I'll be sitting on a floor somewhere again tomorrow. :(
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question...Woudn't it legally be called trespassing/suspicious behaviour if MDCL is officially closed at 11pm and we are found hanging around at 2am etc...I mean especially since I well look "middle eastern"

Apart from that where exactly is the "history of medicine room"?! Is it part of health sciences library
Old 11-19-2008 at 12:25 AM   #23
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Sarah, you noticed how they took away a whole quiet study carol room in Mills and replaced it with another interactive learning room too!? The E-Wong classroom is cool and all, but I agree with you on this one - that room is similar in how it has desks and those big LCD screens for classes of some sort, but every time I walk past it there is nobody using it. If they take out quiet study like that, they should at lease replace it in a room somewhere else. I believe there's only one quiet study carol room on the first floor of MILLS now (the one near the elevators at the corner).
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Just wondering - if the tutorial room's empty, it means we can borrow it to study, right? :D Also, during the exam period, there's no reason these rooms should be in use, right? :P
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Aside from places to study, anyone find it impossible to ever find anywhere to sit down and eat lunch? It seems like every time I go to the student centre, people have cleverly organized themselves so that the majority of tables are taken up by one person surfing facebook on their laptop.

Quiet places I've found to study are the "quiet study areas" with desks in the third floor of Mills and the third floor of Thode. People tend to get super pissed if you make any noice whatsoever on the third floor or Thode though. I had somewhat yell at me for dropping a pencil :p
Old 12-02-2008 at 03:51 PM   #26
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I wish it was that quiet when I go to third floor thode.

That person that yelled at you for dropping a pencil was probably just a jerk.
Old 12-03-2008 at 02:57 PM   #27
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Originally Posted by Ownaginatios View Post
I had somewhat yell at me for dropping a pencil :p
What a hypocrite! You should have said, "SHH! Please don't yell in the library!". Then drop your pencil a few more times to piss him off some more.
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Anyone think about ITB? The ECE grad room in the AB basement is sometimes quiet, plus they have leather desk chairs. The only problem is with people going in and out during the transition times. That door always gets slammed.

Truth be told, it's only 1 room, but the techwave cafe is very quiet, even when it's full of people.
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I used to spend a lot of time in the upper floors of thode, but these days it's hard to find spots up there. Upper floors of mills are alright, I used to go to 6th floor Mills which was usually dead, but I haven't been there lately so I'm not sure how it is now.
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Originally Posted by Chad View Post
I agree, MDCL rooms are nice - I know of a sort of 'hidden' room that people usually don't find in there
Oh, also note that science students can reserve those rooms and come and kick you out at any time
Does anyone know how to reserve them?

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